A Bike That Gives Life To A New Generation Of E-Bikes

Introducing The New BH Xtep, A Bike That Gives Life To A New Generation Of E-Bikes. The Xtep range is based on the unmistakable design of the X System concept, allowing us to create

BH (Spain) – Press Release: Believe in the future of riding.

The Xtep range is based on the unmistakable design of the X System concept, allowing us to create a stiffer frame and essential to allow the use of a 720 Wh battery, unique in the market and combined with Shimano STEPS E8000 motors. This results in a range of up to 155 kilometres, further enhanced by the major innovation in the BH Xtep 2020 range: the move up to 29” wheels.

X Lines| 29″:

The shape of the down tube ensures adequate fork and wheel clearance for use in Enduro and aggressive Trail cycling. In addition, it provides maximum stiffness, thanks to its triple extrusion and with no cutting or CNC processing that alters or reduces its properties.

With a front triangle incorporating extreme and aggressive lines, its exceptional standover height allows you to ride the bike with ease, thanks to the sloping Top Tube design. The shape of the Down Tube ensures exception fork and wheel clearance for use in Enduro and aggressive Trail cycling.

The asymmetrically shaped seat tube ensures a natural integration of the central motor. It contains the required guides for the stealth routing of the dropper seatpost cable.

The competition geometry of the new 29″ models improves the performance of the e-bike’s traction, braking and inertia, saving up to 15% – 20% of power to achieve a longer battery range.

The built-in battery incorporates the new 21700 cells, which offers the highest energy capacity on the market (5 Ah).

This allows the ATOM battery to achieve a total capacity of 720 Wh contained in a compact down tube design, providing the potential for 155 km of range.

The external charging port is located conveniently on the upper section of the battery and is easily accessible to the user.

The battery protection system incorporates an electronic lock which is activated through the use of a Smart Key Bracelet. This technology is housed within a stylish, sportive and fully waterproof rubber bracelet that includes an identification code specific to each individual bike.

Shimano E8000 motor:

The Xtep range incorporates the Shimano E8000 motor.

It is characterised by being a high-performance motor, limited to 25 km/h and with 3 assistance levels.

It develops torque up to a maximum cadence of 130 rpm, with its optimal operating point being high cadences of the user (90-120 rpm). The maximum torque is 70 Nm (65 Nm for the Shimano E7000 motor).

Firebolt display:

The Firebolt display features a wide range of assistance settings in order to adapt to your pedalling style. Its compact screen that is easy to read incorporates dynamic images when changing assistance level.

You can personalise your assistance set-up by opting for the Dynamic, Explorer or Custom mode, adapting it perfectly to your pedalling style and the terrain.

The remote control of the Firebolt unit has an intuitive operation and is designed ergonomically for MTB riding on hilly and very demanding terrains.

It provides precise and smooth changing from assistance modes to pedalling, regardless of the weather conditions or type of terrain. It allows you to move between the Boost, Trail, Eco and Walk settings in an instant. The levers have the same design and changing feel as the X2 Di2.

Full suspension technology:

The full suspension Xtep models incorporate the Split Pivot technology patented by BH.

The unique design of the suspension maintains its structural stiffness and enables the bike to be used without assistance performing equal to a conventional bike.

Its rear triangle is very compact, with a rear center measuring only 445 mm and providing dynamic riding performance.

Split Pivot technology consists of a suspension system with floating shock absorption, developed exclusively for BH Bikes and based on the traction, pedalling efficiency, manoeuvrability and rigidity of the bicycle.

This system allows the three forces to act on the bicycle separately. Pedalling, braking and suspension.
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