How to build a bike frame?

If you are asking the question, how to build a bike frame? You are probably planning to build a customized bike for yourself, right?

That is a great idea. But it is going to be challenging, especially when you have to buy every bicycle part yourself. To help you with your customization, we’ll share the process of building the bike frame with you in this article.

Set the standards for your bicycle:

You’ll definitely have some expectations from your customized bicycles. So, to create the bike according to your expectations, you need to set them first.

Decide if you want your bike for long distances or for ascending terrain. Similarly, choosing between durability and performance would be another choice that you’ll have to make. In some cases, your body physique and leg length might demand special arrangements, so you need to plan them beforehand.

Draw your bicycle frame:

You can use simple software like CAD to come up with the basic frame structure. If you don’t have the software, use the drafting table to build a 2D model; it will also help in placing the tubes directly on it and see what shape it takes.

One important tip here is that don’t take the drawing of the mountain bike frame for granted because you’ll need the precise angle and dimensions from the bike to shift it from the paper or screen into reality.

To take accurate measurements, you can use the bicycle you feel comfortable while riding and are satisfied with its performance. If you can’t find such a perfect fit, you can look for the bike frame geometry available online and find the one matching your needs.

Here are the factors you should give high value to when drawing the bike frame:

  • ST Length
  • TT Length
  • BB Drop
  • ST Angle
  • HT Angle
  • CS Angle
  • Wheel size
  • Tire Profile
  • Front tire clearance
  • Lower headset stack
  • Fork height

Choose the tubing dimensions:

When you have made your decisions, now it is time to collect the right parts. The tube is the integral part forming the frame. Getting into the detail of which pipe to choose would not only require more elaboration in this article, but it would also differ depending on your customized requirements. So, you can look for the tube suppliers and get the best one.

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Mitering Tube:

Now, this is the time to refer to your drawing. Get your dimensions from the sketch you have created and cut them accordingly. Don’t forget to keep an extra piece for the fixing purpose.

To milter the tube, you can use manual tools or a milling machine, the ultimate goal is to fix all the joints of the bike frame properly.

Buying a bicycle building jig frame is an efficient thing to do as it can hold all the tubes at different angles for proper fixing.

The different angles in your drawing have to be replicated when mitering the tubes.


This is one of the most complicated steps in the entire frame-building process. You can start by joining the seat tube to the bottom bracket shell. Then move onto the front triangle, create chain stays and seat stays. Once finished, the rear mech hanger, cable guides, head badge, and disc mount are the other things to build.

You can buy a few of these parts from the market already made. So, in all those cases, you’ll only need to fix these pre-made parts to the bike frame. However, you can find the complete online tutorials to create each component individually.

Chainstays and seat stay should be the last things before you can fix up the entire frame together. Weld the tubes and other parts together to give it the complete shape.

Ride your bike:

Your bike frame is ready to ride. You can have a few rounds on your newly created bike to check its condition. You’ll be truly amazed at your effort in building the bike frame if you have used accurate measurements and drawing for shaping your bicycle.

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