How to Make an Electric Bike?

Do you want a reasonably-priced e-bike? Everyone wants an automated ride, which can make commutation easier; however, buying a new e-bike might require a lot of your resources. 

But we have an easy solution for you. You can convert your existing bike into an electrical one.

Making your e-bike will not only be fun, but you’ll be able to do so on a lesser budget. Besides, you can adjust the capacity and power features for your needs too.

Now the question is: How can you make an electric bike? In this guide, we’ll share the step-by-step procedure, so you can follow it and get your e-bike ready.

What would you need?

  • 250 W gear motor
  • Bicycle carrier rack
  • Wooden plank to fit the motor
  • Power bank with 18650 battery
  • Battery bracket
  • Electric brakes
  • Ignition switch
  • Electric controller
  • Electric drill

This bicycle will not be as modern in the outlook as you expect an e-bike to be. But from a functionality perspective, it will fulfill all your needs. So, let’s see what steps you will perform.

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Attach the motor with the wooden plank:

Place the motor on the plank. Mark the plank with the points to tighten up the screws. 

Place the motor aside and drill the hole in the marked position. Once done, attach the motor through screwdrivers with the plank to fit it properly.

Remove the battery from the power bank:

To source power for your e-bike, you can get help from the power bank.

Remove the cells from a power bank to provide a constant source of power to your motor. Place the individual cells in the battery bracket. 

You’ll need two battery brackets to fit in eight cells. Once you have placed the cells in the position, apply the double tape at the top of one of these battery brackets (above cells) and place the other portion upside down to give it a box-type look.

The compact shape will make the connection setting easy.

Attach battery with the motor:

When you have created a battery box, place it close to the motor on the plank using double-sided tape.

Use a battery controller:

If you are new in the entire DIY electrical thing, operating the motors and fixing wires rightly might not be easy. This is where a battery controller can help.

Buy a battery controller that will include easy switches to power supply, throttle, brake, stroke, and motor. A 250W controller will be perfect for managing the motor with this capacity.

Place this controller alongside the battery to fix it with screws.

Remove the chain:

In a typical bicycle, the chain is the mechanism to turn the energy from peddling into the movement in wheels. But for an e-bike, you’ll remove this chain (from the wheels and pedals) as you’ll power your wheels through electrical energy.

Set the motor and bicycle chain:

Place the plank with the motor on the bicycle carrier rack. To make sure it remains fixed, attach it with plastic strings. Double-check it to make sure everything is in place.

Use the same chain again with a new setting. Now, you’ll place it on the motor rim to let it circulate with the power through the rear axle (it will be in the vertical direction). 

Make sure it fits properly on the motor and the rim. Rotate the rear wheel manually to see if the chain is set adequately.

Fix the electric brake wiring:

You’ll have to put the electric brakes with the handles. If your handle has Cover, you’ll have to remove them to fix the new brakes. 

Once done, you can put the handle cover back, and this will give the same old look with advanced functionality of the brakes. This step isn’t time taking but helps maintain safety and gives your e-bike the full functionality.

Add ignition switch:

To make your e-bike look just like a motorcycle, add an ignition switch with the controller. You can buy any ignition and connect it with the wires of the controller.

Set up the electrical wires:

When you have put everything in place, connect the wires of the motor with the controller. You’ll find the connections for brakes, motor, throttle, and power supply, connect all four wires, and your manual bicycle should be running just like an e-bike.

Few things to note:

While choosing the battery, battery controller, and motor, you should check if each of these parts is compatible with each other. Moreover, the battery capacity will determine the distance you can cover with your e-bike on a single charge. So, make sure you get one according to your needs.

Moreover, the power it can generate will determine the speed of your ride. If you don’t want to have the peddling speed with your e-bike, you can go for a high-power motor and vice versa.

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Summing up:

Creating your e-bike isn’t difficult; you just have to make a few changes at the right places to get your bicycle running like a motorcycle; and that too in the economical price. 

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