How to Remove a Bike Wheel?

Do you want to fit your bike into your trunk? Or do you want to remove a flat tire? You’ll need to remove your bike wheel to manage things properly. But how can you do that? If you have done it before or haven’t seen anyone doing it, this could be challenging.

But don’t worry; we have highlighted the step-by-step process for removing a bike wheel in complete detail.

Which bike wheel do you have?

Before we highlight the entire process of removing the wheel, you need to know which axle type you have, a quick-release or thru-axle?

Quick-release: with the quick-release bike wheel, you’ll see a camming lever with a nut fastened on a 5mm road. Removing this tire is easy and would not require any tools to assist you. Besides, you won’t have to remove the axle in this case:

Thru-Axle: the bikes with 12mm or longer have thru-axles in place. They have the camming lever and a nut in place as well, but removing it will require you to take off the axle along with the wheel.

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How to remove the front wheel?

In the case of rim brakes or cantilever brakes, you’ll have to release the tension in the wires. You can find the caliper near the lever; you can loosen it to lessen the brake tension. It will allow the brake pads to be out of the way of the tire’s rim.

Once done, flip your bicycle over and let it stand on the bike seat. Such a position will make tire removal easier.

Depending on the axle type you have, you’ll open the level nut. For a quick release, you need to open the bolt but don’t remove it entirely. In the case of thru-axle, bring the lever to an open position and then move it anti-clockwise to remove the axle from the hub.

Now your wheel is almost free. Lift the wheel and take it out of the fork.

How to remove the rear wheel?

Removing the rear wheel could be different from the front wheel removal. Here’s the process:

  • Shift your chain to the smallest cog; it creates slack in the chain, making the rear wheel removal easier.
  • Now rotate the brake lever upwards; it will release the brake pads, making it easier for you to remove the brake.
  • There is a quick release in most bikes that hold the tire with the frame. Open this lever, and your tire is ready to be out of the frame.

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By applying these steps, you can get your front and rear wheels out in no time. Thus, fixing a flat tire or taking your bicycle with you on vacation is way too easy than you expected. Isn’t it?

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