How to true a Bike Wheel?

Did your bike hit a pothole on your ride? Is your bicycle behaving a bit strangely since then? Your rim must have gone out of shape. This isn’t something to worry about. All you need is to true your bike wheel, and your bicycle will be perfect again.

However, it can get dangerous if you don’t fix your bike soon enough. You’ll feel the hardness in your bike ride with issues in its alignment as well. Without proper control, your bicycle can cause an accident. 

With its prolonged misalignment, you might cause an irreparable loss to your bike.

So, let’s not let your bike reach such a condition and true it at the right time. Here’s the complete guide on how you can do it.

How to confirm if truing is the solution for your bike?

Without examining your bike, we can’t surely tell if truing will be the right solution to make your bike perfect again. But you can do so by analyzing your bike’s wheel. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Lift your bicycle from one end
  • Spin the wheel with your hand
  • Observe if your wheel is wobbling 5mm or more in the lateral direction.
  • If it is, your bike needs truing. In some cases, you might observe the wheel being exposed to the rim brake pads. This situation is extremely dangerous, and you should be making adjustments right away.

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What tools will you require?

If you are a professional rider or use your bicycle very frequently, we’ll suggest you buy a truing stand as it provides the right measurements for wheel adjustments. But if you don’t want to buy one, you can make adjustments without it too.

Besides, you also need a spokes wrench to help you tighten the nipples and blades.

Process of truing a bike:

Finally, we’ll discuss the process of truing a bike:

  1. Take off your bike’s wheel and put it in the truing stand. You can even clamp your entire bike in the stand
  2. Spin the wheel slowly and tighten the brakes until the wheel is in contact with the gauge.
  3. Continue the process for the entire wheel
  4. Once done, you’ll have to identify the right nipple. The purpose is to bring back the rim to the center.
  5. If you have found your wheel wobbling to the right, you’ll have to find the nipple present on the left side of the hub and vice versa (the key is to look in the opposite direction).
  6. Tighten the spoke by one turn, and this should be enough to bring it back to place

When you perform these steps, consider that a slight wobble is part of the mechanism to ensure proper flexibility. To adjust it according to your needs, you can tighten a few spokes and analyze the impact to make any further decision.

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And this is it. Bring your bicycle down to the wheels and go for a ride.

You can experiment with truing easily as there is nothing at risk of permanent damage. At maximum, threading on the spoke might strip, but it can be replaced without posing any damage to the wheel. So, give it a try!

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