DIY wheel truing Stand: How to Build One?

Aren’t you satisfied with the truing stands available in the market? Is it their performance or the price that has led to your dissatisfaction?

You don’t have to bear with it anymore because now you can build a DIY bicycle wheel truing stand that can be up to your requirements.

How to build your wheel Truing Stand?

Here’s the process of building your DIY Wheel truing stand:

Creation of a basic frame:

You can construct your stand base using wood. You’ll need 2 pieces of 6 inches and 2 pieces of 24 inches long. Besides, you’ll require an additional wooden piece of 6 inches. 

Fix the long pieces with the shorter ones using screws so that you create a 90-degree angle with the wooden pieces (one long one and one short one). 

Place the fixated pieces such that the shorter ones will act as a base and the longer one will work as a stand. On the top of the long wooden pieces, carve an inner wedge in the center. So it can hold the wheel hub. Your basic frame is ready.

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Completion of the frame:

In the center of both the longer wooden pieces, drill a hole.

Now it is time to insert the actual thing, which will align your wheel – 3-inch screws. You need two of them. Once you insert the screws in the wooden piece, it is better to tape them. So that they won’t hurt you or the wheel.

Put your wheel on the wedge and you’ll see the metal screws are in the right position to help you true your wheel.

Summing Up:

With this easy procedure, you can create your truing stand with great ease and within your budget. So, try it today and get the most out of it.

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