How fast does an electric bike go?

With the word electric attached, most of us believe that electric bikes will become motorcycles, and they’ll go as fast as you can expect a motorcycle too. 

But that isn’t the case. Electric bikes are still bicycles. They can go a lot faster than the regular bikes, but they have their limitations too.

What is the maximum speed of e-bikes?

Most e-bikes can manage to get over 32km/h with a battery capacity of 500W. A few electric bicycle varieties have a speed range of 45km/h as well. However, they are known as pedelecs.

But this is the maximum speed that you can attain with the help of motors. Beyond this point, your bicycle motor would stop giving you the required push. However, you can still pedal and manage to get beyond this speed.

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Is it safe to go beyond the maximum support speed?

In terms of the bike sustenance, yes, it is. The electric support you get will no longer be available, but the bicycle can handle more speed.

However, if you are cycling on a busy road or uneven terrain, going beyond this speed might create safety concerns.

So, it is advisable to stay within this speed range.

Can I switch between manual and electric support?

Yes, this is possible and very easy. You have to switch off the electric support, and you’ll be powering your bicycle through pedals. Similarly, when you switch on the electric mode, you’ll be able to source it with electric power.

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