How Many Spokes on a Bicycle Wheel?

Spokes are an integral part of every bicycle wheel. They connect the hub to the wheel frame, creating the proper tension to make the wheel move. 

With such high importance of the bicycle spokes, it is essential to know about the number of spokes your bicycle bike might have. Isn’t it?

Well, for this purpose, you can go for manual counting, and you’ll find the exact number. But believe us, counting them would create chaos because of spokes alignment. You’ll have to count multiple times to get it right.

So, let’s help you with the counting process and share the general data to help you.

Depends upon the type of bicycle:

Most people assume that every bike wheel is similar, but it isn’t. The number of spokes depends upon the type of bike. 

For example, a single rider bike will have to go with lesser tension, so it has limited spokes. Similarly, a racing bike or a BMX will need more.

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The number of spokes on a bicycle wheel:

Below we’ll share the spokes number in different bicycle wheels:

Conventional/ Single rider Bikes:

In conventional single rider bikes, the number of spokes can be 28, 32, or 36 spokes. The size and brand you have can have a crucial role in this regard.


In a twin bicycle, 40-48 spokes are usual. The extra ones are to handle the weight of the second cyclist.

BMX bikes:

For the BMX bikes, the number of spokes can be 36 to 48.

Lower Bicycles:

These types of bicycles have the most number of spokes. They can go up to 144.

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Summing up:

Depending upon the type of bicycle under consideration, the number of spokes can vary. Similarly, its procedure of lacing and other things to set up may vary too. So, you should know about the spokes your bike has got.

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