How to Repair a Bicycle Puncture?

Are you in the middle of your ride, and you heard a hissing sound? Well, your apprehensions might be right, and there is a high probability that you have a punctured tire.

So, now what? You are stuck in the middle of the road. But you don’t have to worry as carrying a few simple tools and learning a bit of the technique can help you get over this solution of bicycle wheels.

Tools you need to repair a bicycle:

Below are the tools you must have to repair a bicycle puncture:

  • Spare inner tubes
  • Pump
  • Tire levers
  • Sandpaper
  • Vulcanizing glue

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Procedure to fix a punctured bicycle:

The first step in the process is to identify the puncture in the wheel. For this, you’ll need to remove the wheel and the inner tube.

You might be able to locate it with the naked eye. But if you can’t, you can put your inner tube in the tub filled with water. Rising bubbles will indicate the point of rupture. Place a cross mark with the center on the exact hole. Keep the mark big enough to include the entire area where you need to apply the patch.

Now you should roughen the inner tube. Only the part around the hole should be roughened. You can use sandpaper for this purpose. Make sure to cover the entire area on which you have applied the cross.

Apply the Vulcanizing glue over the area that needs to be fixed. It must be larger than the hole in the tube. Apply it with your finger and let it dry for 5 minutes without interfering with it, or you won’t be able to fix the puncture.

Now peel off the foil backing carefully, and your picture is repaired.

Inflate the tube to check if a hole has been fixed even upon stretching. If it remains, you’ll have to go through the entire procedure again. So, be careful about it.

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