How to Ride an Electric Bike?

For most of us, an e-bike should be similar to a regular bike. But if you have tried riding one, you won’t make such a claim. 

There are a few significant differences between an e-bike and traditional bike riding, which you must take care of. We’ll be highlighting those differences along with sharing a few tips to ensure proper safety while bicycle riding.

Safety tips before you get started:

Before you hit the road, ensure that your bicycle is fully charged. You might not need a fully charged battery every time, but to be on the safe side, make it your habit. Secondly, don’t leave your helmet behind while riding an e-bike.

One last thing check the tire pressure as you are still riding a bike, no matter how electric it has become.

How to ride a bike?

Like any motor or engine-based vehicle, you’ll have to switch on the power. By default, it is on the off mode, and you’ll have to press the switch on the battery lightly to put the entire electrical system up and running.

In some bikes, you’ll also find the electrical assistance gauge, so make sure you change it from off to some level of electrical speed. There can be multiple levels, so as a first-timer, start with the basic, and when you are comfortable riding with it, then move to the next.

Look out for the switching gears if you haven’t noticed them before. These gears can help you control your speed in different electrical assistance modes. Apart from the electrical assistance variations, you can also enjoy the mechanical speed range, thus allowing you to set your own pace.

Once you get used to different modes and speeds, you will feel easy and super cool while riding your bike.

But till the time you are learning to ride, it is advisable to cycle closer to your home.

How is it different from a regular bike?

You’ll have to maintain the contact of your bike tires with the ground every time because of the weight adjustment and electrical power issues.

Besides, take special care when turning, as e-bikes have a lower center of gravity.

You’ll have to keep the speed limits of each assistance level in consideration for speeding up or slowing down.

Summing up:

After reading this guide on how to ride an e-bicycle, we are sure you’ll be feeling super confident and excited for your first ride. One last piece of advice, be cautious and don’t compromise on your safety.

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