How to Measure Bike Fork (What Fork will Fit my Bike)

Do you know the comfort and efficiency of your bike are dependent on the bike fork? If you want to know the size of your bike fork or the fork size that will fit your bike, you can get help from this article.

Factors determining the length of the bike fork:

The length of a particular bike fork is dependent on multiple factors. Here are the ones that are the most important:

Diameter of the steerer tube:

A steerer tube is the top portion of a bike fork. The role of this tube is quite important as it attaches the form with the frame and the handlebar. So its diameter is crucial in helping you find the exact length of your bike fork.

Traditionally, there are three main diameters of the steerer tube:

1 inch – this is the oldest size of these tubes that usually works with the older frames. A threaded headset usually comes along with this tube size.

1.5 inches – the threadless headset tube is the main part of this tube that is often used with modern bike frames.

Tapered – in a few premium bikes, you’ll find the steerer tubes without any specific diameters. This strategy has made it difficult to find the standard replacements, and you might have to consult a bike shop to find the right size.

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Steerer Tube type:

With two different types of steerer tubes available, the size of the bike fork can be impacted. These two types include:

High handlebars – these tubes are used in situations when you require longer and comfortable rides

Low handlebars – these tubes are used in situations when you require speed in your rides.

Fork Blades:

The width and length of the fork also determine the measurement of your bike fork. You’ll have to look for the spacing (blade width) and the length to find the optimal measurement of the bike fork.

Wheel size:

The wheel axle has to fit in the fork, so it is critical in finding the best fit for your bicycle.

Bike brakes:

The type of brakes also determines the fork size for a bicycle. If your bike has disc brakes, you’ll need the bike forks supporting these special brakes.

Summing up:

Based on these factors, you can choose the right measurement of your bike fork. 

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