How to Straighten a Bent Fork?

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You might end up in a bent bike fork because of several reasons, including accidents, bumpy rides, or simply because you throw your bike in the garage after use. 

Whatever the case is, you cannot ride your bike with a bent road bicycle fork. Even if you try, you’ll be risking your safety along with the potential of causing harm to the other bike equipment, including brakes, tires, etc.

So you have two main options left, i.e., straighten the bent fork or buy a new one. We’ll be talking about straitening of the bent fork here in this article. 

However, keep in mind that a repaired fork will be vulnerable to damage even by the slightest push, so you’ll have to be extra careful when using it.

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Steps to straighten the bent fork:

  1. You would need the fork straightener as the primary tool for straightening. But how to use it? Flip your bicycle upside down.
  2. Now set one of the grooves of the straightener into the fork opening with the other one at the frame’s bottom.
  3. This fork straightener works like a car jack. You can apply the pressure to straighten up the bike fork beyond the original point of the fork. This is because the fork will bounce back once the pressure would be removed.
  4. Once done, push the ratchet switch in revere to remove the fork.

You have your bike fork back to its original position again. But now, don’t rely on its strength much as it will bend again even with the slightest pressure.

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