Rigid vs. Suspension Forks (Which One is Better)

Are you looking to buy a new bike? One of the first things to consider here is the selection of the right bike fork. There are two options available, namely the rigid and suspension forks.

But which one to choose? Here we’ll share the details of both these road bicycle fork types, so you can analyze your requirements and then select the relevant one accordingly.

Suspension Fork:

This fork-type provides the riders with an extra degree of comfort by absorbing the bumps. Due to its slightly moving nature, you can expect the bikes with suspension forks to offer you a smoother ride, even on a bumpy road.

With this fork used in the bikes, you can keep your front tires inflated to the maximum pressure and still enjoy a smooth experience.

However, you must be ready for additional weight of 4-6lbs to be part of your bicycle as the suspension forks are heavy. If you generally travel on a flat road, you might notice it much. But while riding on the steeper slopes or lifting your bicycle, you’ll have to adjust for this extra weight.

Besides, the level of maintenance for the suspension forks is a lot more than the rigid ones. The moving mechanism exposes the bearings to dirt and grease, requiring you to disassemble the fork and clean it up properly for long-term use.

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Rigid Fork:

As the name says, it is rigid and has no suspension on any of the wheels. It consists of two rods that lock the wheel in a particular position.

Using this bike fork will ensure durability and robust usage. You won’t have to maintain this fork often. Besides, it won’t even add more weight to the bike, allowing you to carry it easily. Moreover, these forks come in an affordable price range.

However, you can’t expect smooth rides on uneven terrain with a rigid fork. It won’t absorb any shocks, and the result would be a bumpy ride. In some cases, controlling the bike can even get problematic when you are using rigid forks.

Which one to choose: Rigid vs. suspension forks?

Depending upon the terrain you travel on regularly, maintenance requirements, and the cost of the fork, you can make your choice. 

Suspension Forks would be a great choice for adventure riders, whereas rigid forks will be a good functional choice for smoother roads.

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