How to Widen Road Bike Fork?

Do you want to change the wheel size hub but are not willing to spend too much on the overall up gradation? Well, this is a bit challenging but not impossible to manage.

But how? Here’s the complete process you can follow:

A word of caution here, do not apply this procedure on the aluminum or carbon frames, as they won’t withstand high pressure. There is a higher chance that the road bicycle frame would break. You can safely apply it on the titanium bike frames, as they can handle high stress and are durable.

Measure the distance between the two strands of the fork with the standard size wheel in place. It would probably be 120 cm as this is the standard size.

Now remove the wheel and place a rod in between the two fork stands.

Fix this rod using a spanner so that the rod won’t move.

Now apply pressure through the bolts and washers of the attached rod to increase the size of the fork.

This is a long process and will require your continuous effort to widen the road bike fork. However, if you’ll continue applying the pressure in the right direction, you’ll most likely see the results. 

You can measure the stand of the bike fork again and see the difference. Be sure to remove the rod and clamps before measuring.

If there is still a need for further widening, you can attach the rod again and start applying the pressure on the screws to get the desired widening of the fork.

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Summing up:

The viability of the widening of the fork is limited to the frame type. But by managing it properly, you can surely save a lot of your money while upgrading your bike.

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