How much does it Cost to Powder Coat a Bike Frame?

Do you think that powder coating a bike frame can make your bicycle look beautiful? Well, it can, depending upon your skill level in this domain.

If you want to know about the cost of powder coating of a bike frame, you should have $200 to be in your pocket.

But what exactly do you need all this money for? We’ll cover it in this article, along with a description of what powder coating is.

What is powder coating?

The powder coating is removing the old paint from the bicycle frame, application of the dry paint powder, and heating it.

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Brief Process of powder coating:

The process of powder coating requires you to dismantle your entire bicycle. Once you are done, here’s the list of processes you should follow:

  • Remove the existing paint from your bike frame. You can use sandpaper to take off the previous paint from the frame.
  • Use a primer to smooth out the surface after the paint has been scratched.
  • Choose the color you want on your frame. Electrostatics spray is used for this purpose.
  • Now you need a big oven to let your powder coat settle. 400F for 10 minutes is the required time and temperature.

Price breakdown:

Knowing $200 to be the cost of the basic frame with powder coating, you must be curious to understand the breakdown:

  • A basic frame without a fork is worth $90. You can expect sandblasting to be covered in this cost.
  • The powder coating a normal frame can cost you around $80
  • The addition of colors and effects can require 50% extra money. But you can avoid that if you don’t have any specific colors to choose from.

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Summing up:

You might have considered powder coating to be an expensive procedure. But you can get it under $200 if you don’t have any specific shades and contrast requirements.

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