How Long will an Aluminum Bike Frame Last?

While buying an expensive bike, you must be curious to know its average life and durability. Aluminum bike frames are no exception. The importance of this question has urged us to come up with an answer to this question.

The durability of the bike Frame:

On average, an aluminum Mountain bike frame can last from 5-10 years. You can use it for an even longer time if used with care. 

However, this is just an average number. The actual years your frame might work depend upon several factors, including the type of aluminum used, its construction, design, and brand name.

Generally speaking, aluminum is one of the lightest materials available in a bike frame.

At the same time, it is the most brittle frame available in the market that requires a lot of care. This means that the long-term usage of this bike frame will need your special attention. 

Following are the measures that we expect you to fulfill to enhance the life of an aluminum bike frame:

Reduction of an impact:

Anything that can damage your bike’s frame considerably is the creation of a strong IMPACT while riding.

If you want to increase the life of the bike frame, you must ride with caution. It will help in reducing the impact on the bike frame.

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Another element that impacts the bike frame is corrosion. You’ll have to save your bike frame from natural elements like direct sunlight, water, and rust. 

Park it inside your garage or in some shady area so that your frame won’t rust.

Load management:

As we have already discussed aluminum frame is brittle, so managing the load should be your priority. You cannot put excessive load on your bike and expect it to be with you for a long time. The optimal thing to do is not to overweight your bike with extra luggage. Choose the right fit for your size, so the bike won’t face the excessive strain.

Cleaning care:

Another thing you can do to manage your aluminum bike frame is the right cleaning care.

Go for regular cleaning frequently so that your frame won’t be impacted.

Read the manual:

By reading the manual of your bike, you can ensure its better performance and security over time.

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Summing Up:

Your aluminum frame can last for 5-10 years on average. You can adapt the steps mentioned here in this article to increase the life span of your bike frame even more.

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