How to Know If the Carbon Bike Frame is Cracked?

Are you looking to buy a second-hand bike with a carbon frame? Or do you want to increase the life of your carbon bike?

In any case, you must know the main aspects of analyzing a carbon bike frame for ensuring its proper health.

When to inspect your carbon bike frame?

The question we can start this article with is how often we should inspect our carbon frame? Here are a few occasions to help you understand the timing of the inspection:

On every wash: No matter how safely you drive your bicycle, there is always a risk of breaking a carbon frame. So, you can inspect your frame after every wash to be sure that everything is working perfectly.

After a creek develops: If your bike frame gets a creek, it is better to analyze the entire frame for more such issues. Knowing more about your bike frame will ensure your safety as well.

After a crash: One of the obvious timing to analyze your bicycle frame is after a crash. A crash can impact every bit of your bicycle. So, it is better to inspect the frame completely. This inspection must particularly be a detailed one.

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Carbon Bike Frame is Cracked

How to inspect?

Look closely for any scratch or a deep cut on your frame.

  • If you don’t find any, your frame is probably good to go. But in case you find a scratch or a dent on your frame, it is better to observe it closely. It can highlight the cracks in the bike frame.
  • To ensure it further, you can tape the suspected area with a coin. You’ll hear a dull thud when the frame is broken. You can even push it a little to analyze the softness of the bicycle frame from that particular position.
  • Besides, cracks around pivots and bearings are prominent on the bicycle frame. So you must specifically inspect these areas.

A detailed inspection would be required in case of a crash. Apart from performing the above steps, you must:

  • Pull out the seat post and look for any issues.
  • Shifters, brake levers, and bar tapes can present the problem points; make sure to analyze them in detail.
  • In case you have carbon wheels on your bike, you might want an expert to have a look at them as well.

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Summing Up:

The inspection isn’t challenging, but it is needed often to avoid any potential risk and safety issues.

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