Can electric bikes be used in the rain

Can electric bikes be used in the rain? The answer is yes But the are some exceptions to protect your e-bike!

The electrical system that is on an electric bike is built to withstand harsh weather. More than three million e-bike riders in Europe who see rain significantly more than in the United States will testify to this.

However, in the wake of the huge abrupt downpours and “rain events” occurring in Australia it’s reasonable to inquire if electric bicycles are suitable for riding during rain.

Do not worry. If you’ve got a well-constructed electric bike, you will not have any issues if you are trapped in a storm, or have to return back to work after one of our rainy days simply because you’re riding an electric bicycle.

As with everything, there are some rules as well as one huge do not – which you must keep in mind. There are other considerations to make when riding on your ebike with the carry rack when it’s raining.

AVOID electric bikes use in the rain if!

You can ride e-bike in normal rainy conditions just with this exception

Do not ride through water that will submerge your motor and battery. 

The battery can short out when submerged for any amount of time. It is a risk to avoid). Like all vehicles be careful not to drive through flooded water especially avoid fast-moving water.

We also suggest not leaving your bike outside in bad weather at any time. It is also recommended to store your bike inside a secure location at your home.

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