Making a Simple Electric Bike

Making a simple Electric Bike

Making a Simple Electric Bike – Step By Step Conversion

Making a simple Electric Bike

Are you an ardently fond eco-friendly Ebike rider who desires to make a simple Electric Bike from your ordinary one? Are you obsessively excited to do it yourself?

Well, what is stopping you? Making an Ebike in an economical and ecologically healthy way is one of the simplest tasks. You got to trust us when we say it.

You want an Ebike and do not want to let your ordinary bike rot in a store room.

Well, do not! Now you can convert your simple bike into an Electric bike by following a convenient step-by-step guide.

Begin with Mounting Motor

Well, do you want to make a simple Electric Bike? You got to start with mounting the Motor. A 350W Motor can do wonders for your Electric Bike rides. If you are doing it all yourself, begin with the easiest step. 

 Detach the rear tire of your ordinary bike. Deflate the tire and separate the tire tube from the frame of the rear wheel. You can conveniently buy the complete conversion kits for your electric bike from Aliexpress or other portals.

Once you get your hands on the Motor, you must fix things. Attach the separated tire tube on the frame of the rear wheel that has the Motor already attached. Install it as the rear wheel of your bike, and you have completed the first step of making a simple Electric Bike.

What is even more interesting in making a simple Electric Bike? Well, it is your complete authority to design your Ebike yourself. If you love the gears of your ordinary bike, use them!

You can take out the gears of your previous ordinary bike and fix them on your Electric Bike. Once fixed, please do not fret about tightening because they will tighten when you pedal. Attach the rear wheel back to your bike and hop on to the next step.

Installing Aluminum Box 

Preparing for electronics is your next step in making a simple Electric Bike.

You must ensure that all the electronics are secured and heat adequately dissipates. Well, arrange for an aluminum box. You can visit a local electric warehouse and get your hands on a box designed for external electronic devices. They work magic!

Do not panic because you got to do it all yourself. Making a simple Electric Bike comes at a bit of cost of dedication and hard work. Well, drill two holes in the aluminum box and make room for placing a switch and a charging socket.

Then, make sure to drill another hole at the bottom of the box and do it yourself by considering the suitable placements. This bottom hole will be used for the passing of wires.

Once you are done, you will realize that converting an ordinary bike into a simple Electric Bike is already done.

Place the aluminum box on rubber straps at the back of the bike to avoid vibrations and fasten it tightly with black cable wires. This way, your box will stay durable, and you can carry on your adventurous rides without any worries.

Mounting Pedaling Sensor

The next step to making a simple Electric Bike is mounting the pedaling sensor. Remember, it is a transformation into an Electric Bike! Make everything electric, mate!

You must detach the pedals, put the first part of the sensor on the bottom bracket and screw it tightly. For the second part, it is enough to slide the sensor onto the bottom bracket axle, and do not forget to remount the crank.

 Attach the pedals back, and you are good to go. 

Connecting Controller for Motor

While making a simple Electric Bike, your conversion kits matter greatly. Some conversion kits are pretty handy. Mostly, the controller and other components already have compatible connectors that do not need to be soldered.

But in other cases, you need to do it yourself. If you do not have such conversion kits, then prefer to solder the power cord to the controller to shorten the cable and reduce the number of connectors.

Solder properly and place the kit in the aluminum box.


Attaching LCD Display

Connecting your LCD Display to your Electric bike is an interesting and exciting part of making a simple Electric Bike. Attach it properly to the handlebar with the screwdriver, and have all the fun doing this conversion!

Making and Placing the Battery   

The soul of your Electric Bike is your battery. I prefer to do it yourself, that is, the task of making a battery. The multi advantages of making your battery yourself are: It is cost-friendly. You can design it and shape it the way you want. It is way better than the ready-made battery option.

Start with buying the Samsung Cells with a capacity of 3500mAh. Place the cells together, which can be soldered, or you can use a spot welder to develop connections. Bind the cells together and provide them proper protection with solid electrical tape.

Now you must use a 20A BMS Module to protect the battery fully. Sold the wires to the connections, and then you have to secure the cables using epoxy against breaking off.

But this is not all! Prepare insulation for your battery. You may use pieces of PVC flooring and vinyl tape. Strengthen it by wounding-up electric tape around it, and your battery is ready to be connected.

Moreover, do not forget to attach the charging and discharging connectors. We recommend using XT60 Connectors for discharging and XT30 Connectors for charging the battery.

Solder and solidify all the connectors, and finally, you get to the end of making a simple Electric Bike! Place the battery in the aluminum box. Finally, connect the controller, PAS Sensor and Motor. Now, close the aluminum box carefully.

Before you finish it up, last, the final element is the power button. You can use and place the key switch for convenience.

Well, your step-by-step conversion comes to an end. Turn on the switch, let the PAS Sensor detect the movement of the crank, and run the Motor.

Voila! Roll the wheels on the road and ride your Electric Bike at the maximum speed of 30 km/h, covering a range of 40 kilometers.



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