Bicycle Wheels (Wholesale Prices)

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Has your bicycle wheelset completed 20,000 miles successfully? Now it is about time you should find a new one. But buying a wheelset is something technical, and you would require an in-depth understanding of it and other bicycle parts to make a feasible purchase to suit your existing frame.

What is the Bicycle Wheelset?

The mountain wheelset comprises two wheels of your bicycle. If your old ones have worn out, buying a new pair is the mechanism to convert your old bike to the new one.

Is there a Right type?

Yes, the wheels are front and rear-specific. They must also match the roads and the existing structure of the cycle.

The three primary tire types also have a determining role in finalizing the wheelset for your bicycle. Clincher tires are the most prominent types used in the bicycle. Similarly, there are tubeless and tubular varieties available too. Once you identify the tire type, you can make your selection accordingly.

An important thing to note here is if you have tubular tires, they won’t work with the clincher or tubeless variety.

You also need to know the wheelset type currently used in your bicycle frame to replicate the same one or to get the performance up-gradation.

What should you buy: carbon or aluminum?

Carbon is a lightweight and stiff option for the wheelset, whereas aluminum is known for the robust and durable nature. Depending on what you need the wheelset for, you can choose between the carbon and aluminum wheelset.

Lightweight or heavyweight wheelset?

Moving to the lightweight wheels can improve the bicycle’s speed and reduce the power you exert for peddling your bike. The lightweight wheelset is best for fulfilling climbing needs. However, with a heavyweight wheelset, you can get durability in your bicycle.

Wheel Stiffness – a trait you need for better speed:

Stiffness of wheels is one of the essentials of perfect bicycling. A stiff pair of wheels can help you accelerate quickly, handle efficiently, and get improved precision. So, the stiffer your wheelset is the better results you can expect from your bicycle.

The number of Rim Spokes – Do not just guess the numbers:

For an existing bike frame, you cannot rely on number guessing. You must count the existing spokes and buy the same number for it to work well.

But in case you are buying the spokes for a completely new bike, this is a strategic decision that you are expected to make to find the best mix between the durability of the wheel and its aerodynamic properties. The lesser number of spokes means aerodynamic benefits whereas, with more spokes in your wheelset, you can improve the durability.

What bike spokes are the best?

Straight pull and J-bend are the two options. Both of the spoke types are equally efficient, but J-types are the most used ones because of their wide availability and easy fixation. You can check for the existing ones and get the new wheelset keeping it in mind.

What type of brakes would be compatible?

Stopping your bicycle requires an effective brake system. It would work in the condition when your brakes are compatible with the wheelset. Two prominent brake types include the rim brake and disc brake.

Within the disc brake, you have center-lock and 6-bolt options. For the existing frame, you’ll have to choose the one with higher compatibility. While buying the new bike frame, you can choose; the 6 bolt option takes longer to change, whereas the center-lock is easy to install but requires a unique tool.

Which one is your bike’s style?

Hub Spacing is the width of the wheel’s hub. Buying the new wheelset for the old bicycle frames doesn’t give you much option, as you would need to comply with the existing measurements. But be sure to measure the space properly to find the appropriate wheelset for your bike.

Have you looked at the Axle attachment?

Attachment through axle and quick release skewer are the two options available in a typical bicycle. If your bicycle’s wheel attaches to the frame through the axle, you’ll see the two frame holes alongside. But if the wheel fixes with the slotted frame, your bicycle operates on the quick release skewer mechanism. Check it first to find the best wheelset.

What is the role of Axle Diameter and Length in buying a wheelset?

In cases where your tires are fixed through-axle attachment, you need the measurements for the axle diameter. Typically, it includes 9mm, 12mm, and 20 mm varieties. Apart from the axle diameter, length varies in a bicycle too. Thus, internal distance is crucial to identify the optimal wheel type. Internal length measurements of 100mm, 110, 130, and 135 are the most common ones available for you to choose from.

Why buy from us?

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