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What are Electric Bikes?

An electric bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor to provide a speed throttle or peddling help. Also known as an e-bike or electric bicycle.

How does an e-bike work?

E-bicycles work on rechargeable batteries. Their functioning is just that of a hybrid vehicle; however, the difference is the other energy source that electric motor combines to generate the outcome. In hybrid vehicles, the energy comes from the internal combustion engine, whereas in the E-bike this energy comes from peddling.

Are there different types of E-bikes?

We can categorize e-bikes into two classes:

Pedal-assist: In this e-bike type, pedaling regulates the motor. These bikes assist in peddling and are capable of detecting the peddling speed and force. Activation of the brake can disable the motor, leading to proper functioning.

Power on Demand: A throttle activates these bike types. With these handlebar-mounted motors, you can get the best results.

How far can you ride with an electric bike?

The capacity of the rechargeable batteries will determine the distance you can cover with your bike. A typical e-bike with 400-500W batteries can ride up to 100-120 km in a single charge. With a battery capacity lesser than that, you can expect your bike to reach 50-60 km. However, external factors also have a role in determining the distance that your bicycle can cover.

Do I need to maintain an e-bicycle often?

Cleaning and lubricating are the main things you should do to keep your e-bike clean and maintained. The frequency of these tasks depends on usage and the way you use your vehicle. But with general usage and 2-3 rides on your bike, weekly cleaning would be sufficient.

You might need professional e-bike servicing once in a while too. Ensuring proper maintenance on your own would lead to lesser maintenance costs and lower downtime.

How long does it take to charge my battery?

On average, it takes about 2-6hours to charge the battery completely. A 400W battery takes approximately 3.5 hours for the full recharge. But the exact time depends on the battery brand and its capacity.

For the first time use, charge it for 10 hours to operate the battery to its full potential.

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