The Schalow & Kroh GmbH – We are better known as KS Cycling – everything started and there are over 20 years of experience in the bicycle market. Since our company was founded in 2000, we have been building bicycles for people who enjoy the unusual.
With our brands ADORE, WYLD and DACAPO, we always move at the pulse of time. Our heart beats for good design and reliable technology.
We are a well-coordinated team: all of our employees are there with passion and regularly on their own by bike. No wonder – there is a good part of our administration in the beautiful Münster, the bicycle capital of Westphalia.
Our main branch is located in Wuppertal, where you can also take a look at the most bicycles in our showroom and warehouse sales, take you with you and e-bikes and cargo bikes beforehand.
Every year we send tens of thousands of bicycles to Germany and all over Europe and receive enthusiastic feedback from our customers.
Bicycles for the whole family
We like diversity! Our product range is made for the whole family and is now so large and extensive that we have given our different design series and styles different names:

KS Cycling Racefiets Euphoria

KS Cycling Racefiets Euphoria

KS Cycling fiets racefiets aluminium euphoria RH 55 cm, wit, 28, 330B

Product Description:
The Euphoria racing bike with 28 -inch wheels is the ideal danger – for beginners, leisure riders, and for memories.
Everything fits together here: the fresh, sporty design not only adorns the aluminum frame. Saddle and rims fit seamlessly into the racing look, which is rounded off with the red steering band.
Frame: Aluminum frame with the interchangeable switching eye.
Frame height: 55 cm.
Fork: 1 1/8 inch Ahead racing.
Steering element: 1 1/8 inch Ahead steering element.
Stem: 1 1/8 inch aluminum ahead steering pen.
Send: steel racing control.
Hubs: Quando aluminum fast voltages front and rear.
Tires: M-Traxx Raced Banden 23-622
Rims: aluminum cave room rims with wear indicator.
Switch type: 14-speed dressing.
Switch system: Shimano RD-A 050.
Derailleur: Shimano
Gear lever: Shimano SL-A 050.
Round: Shimano MF-TZ 21 screw wreath.
Crankshaft: Prowheel Aluminum cranks with 2 chainrings.
Inner bearing: Pattern bearing BSA 68
Pedals: steel/plastic pedals with hook and belt.
Saddle: racing saddle.
Seat post: aluminum patented seat post, diameter 27.2 mm.
Saddle clamp: Aluminum clamp ring with a screw.
REM: Aluminum racing brakes.
Remodel Aluminum racer em lever.
Accessories: hook and belt
Weight: approx. 12.5 kg.

KS Cycling Velocity

KS Cycling Velocity review english

KS Cycling Velocity

The “Velocity” was launched by KS Cycling. KS Cycling has its bicycles designed 100% in Germany.
The manufacturer describes it as a racing bike.

According to the manufacturer, the wheel is not specially designed for gender and bears the term “Unisex”.

The bike can be purchased for approx. So it’s a rather cheap racing bike.

operation area
The KS Cycling Velocity is suitable for you if  you are traveling on well-paved roads and want to achieve high speeds.

The KS Cycling Velocity is given with a low weight of 12 kg.

Overall, the KS Cycling Velocity is designed for a maximum of 120 kg. What remains is 108 kg as a residual weight. However, if you weigh significantly more, you should look for another model.

The frame is a typical diamond frame, as can be seen.

The frame of the KS Cycling Velocity is made of aluminum and is therefore light.

The size of the frame is given as 53 cm and the color is described by KS Cycling as white, black and red

According to KS Cycling, the racing bike is equipped with the following: V-brakes and chain switching.

The Shimano Tourney rear derailleur is installed. It is a chain circuit and the factory is offering 21 gears.

The tires are 28 “large and fulfill the purpose of their profile.


The installed brakes are of course also an important part of the equipment.

Front brake: V-brakes

Rear brake: V-brakes

Resignation: no

With which suspension a bike is equipped mainly depends on the bike type and intended use.

Breathe at the front: no

Breathe behind: No

KS Cycling Fatbike

KS Cycling Fatbike 26 "Crusher black-green aluminum frame 7 corridors RH 46 cm

KS Cycling Fatbike 26 “Crusher black-green aluminum frame 7 corridors RH 46 cm

About this Fat bike:
Dear fat friends: You will fall in love with the first tour with the 26 “Crusher Fatbike from KS Cycling. The mountain bike with the oversized wide rims not only looks fantastic, the technical equipment of the bike with aluminum frames also knows how to convince!
Biking is where you can no longer drive with a normal mountain bike because the fat bike is made for extreme conditions and drives everywhere!

The traction on difficult substrates such as sand, mud, or snow is incredible and is no longer a problem due to the fat tires.
A suspension fork is almost superfluous because the voluminous tires have a lot of damping comfort.

The painting was also applied by hand – each tire is therefore an absolutely unique piece. Nobody is like the other.

The bike is equipped with a 7-speed gearshift. It is delayed over disc brakes.
Technical note: The bicycles are delivered to 85% fully assembled, a ready-to-drive final assembly is to be carried out by a specialist person.


KS Cycling Lightspeed

KS Cycling Bicycle Fitnessbike Alu Lightspeed RH 54 cm

KS Cycling Bicycle Fitnessbike Alu Lightspeed RH 54 cm

Product Description:
The perfect mix of a racing bike and trekking bike: The KS Cycling 28 “Fitnessbike Lightspeed is quick and light like a racing machine, but offers the geometry and seating position of a trekking bike.

The bike is assembled with a light aluminum frame. The bicycle is reduced to a total weight of approx. 12 kg (depending on the frame size).
The technical equipment with aluminum frames, straight aerodynamic fork, Shimano Tourney 21-speed chain circuit and ahead construction leaves nothing to be desired.

Technical note: The bicycles are delivered to 85% fully assembled, a ready-to-drive final assembly is to be carried out by a specialist person.

Age group:  Adult
Bicycle-type: racing bike
Brake-type: linear pull
Color white
Size RH 54 cm
Frame material: Aluminum
Frame size: 54 centimeters
Number of gears: 21
Painting Evergreen
Properties easy
Use road
Sport cycling
Hanging no suspension
Tire size 28 inches
Batteries included
Brand KS Cycling
Category Unisex
Manufacturer KS Cycling
Model number 275b
Packaging dimensions 132 x 77.5 x 21 cm; 12 kilograms

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