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The mountain bike or MTB is a bicycle designed primarily for “off-road” use and depending on the intended use of it, the technical characteristics such as the set-up or the components used change.

The disciplines are many and the bike manufacturers as many, so we offer only the best through a selection of the best models for cross country, enduro, downhill, freeride, and dirt jumping.


MTBs for country Cross are bicycles designed specifically for XC competitions, in which athletes tackle technical climbs and descents while trying to maintain a high average speed.


Given the need for a light and efficient bike, MTBs for cross country massively use carbon on the frames and in general on as many components of the bike as possible, for example, handlebar pedals, rims and saddle, which allow reaching an overall weight of half even less than 8 kg.
It is mainly presented as a front suspended bike, with a journey usually limited to 80-100 mm depending on the needs. In recent years, however, a trend towards bi-suspension has developed with excursions of 100-120mm, ideal for more technical and aggressive cross-country or competitions such as the epic; the evolution in the study of materials has in fact made it possible to create full mtb for aggressive cross country. The fork and wheels are quick-release.
Cross country bikes usually use long gears, which guarantee greater metric development and greater pedaling speed. Given the harshness of relationships and the difficulty of the routes, cross country requires good basic training.
The diameter of the wheels is usually 29 ", but there are also models that support 27.5" rims.
The geometries of a cross country MTB ensure that the biker takes a position on the saddle that is very extended and loaded forward, favoring climbing especially for steeper climbs and pedaling responsiveness. It does not require powerful brakes, therefore it does not appear to be a performing model on descents.
Among the various brands that deal with this discipline, Cingolani has chosen the best: Specialized cross country MTB, Trek and Cannondale for years have been winning the first places in all world competitions. For those looking for a bike to approach this discipline, we offer the Italian brands Atala and Lombardo.
The choice of the size of the bike is an important element. The Cingolani staff is at your disposal for any information and if of interest, we also carry out evaluations of your used or installment payments.


Born to preserve the all-around spirit of mountain biking, as opposed to the UCI "world cup" specialization of cross country and downhill, Enduro is none other than All mountain declined in the form of a race, in which I am there are timed tests and maximum times to be respected. Especially in Italy, the various Enduro circuits have made this market segment explode.
The enduro MTB is a versatile vehicle, which is perfectly suited for other purposes: hiking uphill in the mountains, cycling in the city or singletrack routes, allowing you to have fun even in challenging descents.


The frame of the enduro bikes is fully suspended, with a variable excursion between 150 and 170 mm. The most used material is aluminum, which guarantees lightness, strength and economy. The top models in carbon fiber are perfect for those who want to practice enduro at a competitive level but have very high costs.
As for the forks, the stems can be 34 up to 36 mm, with an excursion of 160-170 mm.
The set-up, even if in aluminum or carbon fiber, must, in any case, be reliable and robust, capable of withstanding the strong stresses of a high-speed descent on uneven ground and full of obstacles, for this reason usually enduro MTBs. use the components of downhill bikes.
The wheels usually have a diameter of 27.5 ", it is also the sector that has seen the most movement: the American manufacturers have pushed the 29" and recently the 27.5 "plus has emerged. The rims must be solid, for this reason, they are produced in aluminum, with medium or high profiles, a width capable of accommodating 2.5 "tires and a number of spokes between 28 and 32. The password is therefore robustness.
Depending on the intended use (competitive or recreational), the transmission may be different. The 1x10 single chainring drivetrain is recommended for competitive use, while the 1x11 single chainring, being more versatile, is also suitable for recreational use.
Specialized, Trek and Cannondale enduro MTBs are recognized among the best on the market.
For more information on purchasing choices, contact our customer service. We will look for the model that best suits your needs.


A discipline that falls within the gravity field, Downhill is an adrenaline-pumping discipline that takes place completely downhill on tracks from 2 to 5 km, where motion and speed are entrusted exclusively to the technique and force of gravity. They are bike park bikes, even if the continuous work on materials has made it possible to create “pedalable” models for those who go out in places without ski lifts.


Downhill, being mainly a competitive discipline with timed races, has had a lot of influence on the set-up of the vehicle. Speed ​​is a fundamental factor to be able to compete, so the frame and all the components are made with light but resistant materials, capable of withstanding strong stress. As always, the most used solutions are aluminum (the most used) and carbon.
The set-up is a good compromise between strength and weight, so much so that the average weight of a downhill MTB is under 16 kg.
The bike is designed for speed and responsiveness, which is why it features:
  • An excursion of the front suspensions around 200 mm and rear around 240 mm, which guarantees greater control of the vehicle in the bumpiest sections.
  • A long step.
  • An open steering angle and a fairly long handlebar (70-80 mm) guarantee greater control of the vehicle.
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes, capable of slowing down when needed.
  • Gear ratios are designed to withstand the high speeds achievable downhill (sometimes over 80km / h).
Downhill MTBs feature 200mm double plate forks and stems that can reach up to 40mm, so as to counteract the 200mm of travel with a certain amount of stiffness. If before the suspensions used were spring-loaded, now the downhillers are moving towards the air ones, mainly linked to issues of lightness and greater versatility in the setting, as there is no need to change the spring-based on the weight or riding style of the rider.
The most popular wheel sizes are 26 "and 27.5". In 2017 the first 29 "DH MTBs appeared in the World Cup.
Cingolani is an authorized dealer of Specialized, Trek and Cannondale downhill MTBs.
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